At this point our success depends on our fans. We have no marketing budgets and little money. We do have great fans (genuinely good people) and a passion for music. If you enjoy and believe in what we're doing please help us out by signing up for the "Time Machine" Street Team.
     As a member of the "Time Machine" we will occasionally provide you with flyers, posters, and demo CDs to spread around town. We would ask for your help in promoting Still Time and our shows in your area by word of mouth, posters, e-mails to friends, request calls to radio stations we're on etc. For us to survive as a band and continue to produce music, YOU are the most important help we can get.
     Please sign up and we'll send mp3s of rare songs (including the NEW full band version of "Keeping It Real"), posters, stickers, signed CD's etc., to those of you who help us out by joining and spreading the word about Still Time.

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